I’ll explain the blog move later, but for now I just needed to write something.

Cameron’s Grandma Turnbull’s funeral was on Friday. We sang 3 classic hymns. I really enjoy old hymns, especially when I get to sing them with other people. There is something so powerful about singing in groups. It’s a glimpse of everlasting worship. I enjoyed looking around at the congregation at her funeral and seeing how many of the older people didn’t need the song sheets we had been handed in the foyer. These were their songs and they knew them by heart.

Later that day while we were driving to Mimi’s Cafe for lunch with Cameron’ family, I was talking about what music I would want at my funeral. Now, to preface all this funeral talk, you must know that like most things in my life, I am not about to do it in an orthodox fashion. I don’t want to be buried, I want my body to be donated for as much as they can use it for. If they can’t use all of it, I just want to be cremated. I don’t want everyone to show up in black/dark colors. I don’t want to be remembered as perfect because I wasn’t. Obviously I will want people to worship Jesus at my funeral, it’s just one last opportunity for people to get to know Jesus from my life. Here are a few of the songs that I would love to be played:

Come Thou Fount– any song that uses the word ebenezer in it is a song for me. Actually, it’s just a perfect song about salvation & the nature of Jesus’ redeeming love.

Tangerine– Led Zeppelin It’s my favorite Led Zeppelin song. It’s fantastic. Probably more appropriate than Stairway to Heaven.

I Would Give Everything– Newsboys It’s about the longing we have for heaven and being connected to our creator.

We Will become Silhouettes – The Postal Service

Under Pressure– David Bowie & Queen I think this is one of the most spiritually-relevant secular songs of all time.

You didn’t think I’d throw a big funeral for myself without a Foo Fighter’s song, right? February Stars. 🙂

Aside from the music, I was thinking about what I wanted to be remembered for. What do I want people to get up and say about me? Here’s a few ideas:

Don’t glamorize me. Mention that I was a sinner who was saved by grace. Don’t make me a better person now that I’m dead.

I was a wife who loved her husband the way God called her to.

I was a Mom who worked hard to give her kids what they needed.

I loved Jesus because He loved me first.

I liked cats. A lot.

I think that’s about it. Give my stuff away to my family and friends. Make sure the cats I leave behind are adopted by good families. Donate what you can to charity & church. After all, none of this was mine. I had it on loan.

I think C.S. Lewis sums it up for me:

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.